Placebo Effect


 A Placebo is something that seems to be a ‘real’ treatment — but isn’t. It could be anything, like a pill or a sort of ‘fake’ treatment! So, the common thing amongst all types of Placebo’s is the fact that there is no actual substance affecting your health, just your belief! In my perception, it is like curing a person mentally, by believing that they are healing and without any actual medicines! 

Anti-depressing pills basically aren’t a thing! Yes people, it’s true. We don’t really need some chemicals to be ingested to overcome depression or anxiety, placebo works the same way without the side effects! Which I find extremely innovative and next-level.

And yes, placebo drunkenness is a thing! For those who might me thinking, about this placebo effect in a fun way, well, here it is. That too, exists.

It works even when we know, how?? I read somewhere that placebo’s work even after people get to know that there is no actual medication, but placebo instead. This remains a mystery to me! How can one know that they are not having any medication and still believe that they are getting medicated.

Nocebo. That’s Placebo’s evil twin! Just like we can be cured by believing that we are having medication, we can also believe we are addicted drugs even though they are a sham or get sick by the side effects of a medicine even when there is no medicine. Beware of this evil twin!

 Research on the placebo effect has focused on the relationship of mind and body. One of the most common theories is that the placebo effect is due to a person’s expectations. If you expect a pill to do something, then it does. Screen-Shot-2015-01-27-at-9.23.31-AM-e1436815860936And if you expect the side effects to work, then that happens to, it all depends on your thinking. The relationship between how strongly a person expects to have results and whether or not results occur, It matters too.  

Xo, AS


13 thoughts on “Placebo Effect”

  1. Interesting write up Arshi.
    There are hypothesis that brain does react to placebos. So it’s not only just pscycological. There are many interesting theories around that. You may want to read up on some of those 🙂

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