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I am a true believer in the supernatural, and to go any further, I would just say that for a few minutes while you read this, believe in it and imagine the impossible!              

You might find it dumb, but stick with me till the end and you might start believing in it. I searched a lot to find proofs of vampire existence, and the only legit thing I could find was that there were archeological evidences of vampire, and  i found some  people have met vampires, I even read an interview of vampires. 

You might have guessed it, in my view Vampires do in fact exist or at least existed, of course there are some exaggerations and myths about them too, but there are some facts which can’t be denied.


— One of the earliest accounts of vampires is found in an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian myth dating to 4,000 B.C. There are also rumours that Vampires were first originated in India, and then travelled to China, Tibet and then later to Europe.

— A rare disease called porphyria or the ‘vampire’ disease causes vampire-like symptoms, such as an extreme sensitivity to sunlight and blood lust. And eventually the patient may go mad. So, all these vampire folklore might just be made up stories  about this disease, which made normal humans seem like blood-suckers.

— Garlic is traditional vampire repellent, has been used as a form of protection. It has been used for over 2000 years, So, if you want to avoid a vampire carry cloves of garlic. It’s simple,  As their sense of smelling is heightened, and they can’t actually stand the smell of garlic.  

— Vampires considered to be the evil at night, you think probably because they can’t come out in sunlight. Wrong, it is nowhere mentioned in the folklore the Sun burns Vampires, They’re just sensitive to sunlight. It has just now emerged in hollywood movies and books that the Sun burns them. I think Vampires themselves started this rumour, can’t say for sure. 

— Vampires can be killed with a stake in their heart, or we can even burn them, or chop their head of, I have solid proof of this one, as, in all these years there have been found bodies with stakes in their heart(not taken out) , buried and skeletons show fangs too! vampiro.jpg

— Vampire cannot cross a Threshold of a home. The people living there and the natural magic act as a circuit to make a force field-kind of, if the residence is abandoned or very rarely used the “Threshold” is not very strong, so they can easily enter. Same with public places if the intimate personal connection is there, then the preternatural can’t enter unless invited by that human owner.

P.S. The murder of Jason Blossom was done by his father himself, it was shocker. (I wrote a blog earlier on the show Riverdale, read it if you haven’t already!)

Stay haunted. XO, AS 


13 thoughts on “VAMPIRES: FACT OR FICTION?”

  1. I have always believed in vampires… And fairies and pixies and goblins…. Helps me to stay a kid forever.
    Great blog Arshia.. keep blogging😂😂😊😊😋😋😉😉

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