13 Reasons Why

“You can’t love someone back to life.”

This is my second post about a TV show, but this one deserves it! 13 Reasons Why, is a Netflix original, based on a book where a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, takes her own life and leaves tapes of 13 reasons why she committed suicide, it shows flashbacks and present time too, it’s a very tragic story, Showing what a high school girl experiences in her daily life that led her to take such an unfortunate step, while she finds hope to get better something pitiful happens and slowly she reached to a stage where she decided to leave the world. Clay Jenson also plays a major role, as he was Hannah’s love interest , it’s tough for him to go through listening what she went through, which is sad, but he doesn’t really stay quite about it, he tries to make things right too, which is hard with the pressure of all the high school people who were reasons on the tapes, who keep on trying to hide this, but can it be hidden? Can a girl’s death be ignored? 

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I totally adore this show, it shows how little things to us can be huge impact on other people, we don’t realise what we say or do hurts another person to such and extent, being a little sensitive, wouldn’t hurt, would it?   Looking at this show from another perspective, I feel we should be strong enough to take all this, find reasons to be happy not depressed, cause’ all along people will say things which will hurt you. But only you yourself can decide what you are, No matter what it may be. 


“You can’t go back to how things were or how you thought they were. All you really have is now.” -Hannah Baker 

’13 Reasons Why’ Is Netflix’s Most Popular Show on Social Media, they showed up at the MTV Awards and, as fate would have it, they ended up handing out the Show Of The Year Award to their fellow Netflix stars, the cast of Stranger Things, Selena Gomez is the executive producer.  The first season of this show was aired on Netflix on 31st March, and the good news is that the second season is coming in early spring, 2018, and everyone is desperately waiting for it, and rumour has it, Hannah Baker couldn’t make it through the suicide attempt, she is in coma, alive. 


Everything, affects everything. XO, AS


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